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Tile Repairs

Need to understand tile roofs better?

Do you have a roof leak or think you have storm damage on your tile roof?

Do You See Any of These Roof Issues On Your Roof?

You can check out some roof issues from some of our previous customers had. Have you seen any of these roof issues on your roof?

Cracked Tiles From Powerwashing Damage in Florida Rotted Fascia from Roof Leak

Cracked Tiles From Powerwashing Damage in Florida Cracked Roof Tiles

Cracked Tile from roof cleaners Damaged Fascia From Roof Leak

Cracked Roof Tiles Showing Mud Paddy Failure Loose Ridge Tiles

Cracked Roof Tiles Showing Mud Paddy Failure Damaged Roof Valley

Hopefully You Don't See This In Your Home!

We hope you have caught your roof issues before damage has set in your home! Water Stains From Roof Leak Water Stains From Roof Leak

Water Stains From Roof Leak Water Stains From Roof Leak

Did This Help You?

We hope this information helps you with informing you of your roof type. If you want to upgrade from tile roof system to another type, we have several other options. Some of the other options we have available, we are apart of a limited approved roof installer for newer technology. Please call us to inspect your roof (for FREE) to see if your roof is up to specifications to handle the correct load bearing by weight for a heavier or a lighter system. This is best to see which option or system will best work for your existing truss system. We are of only a few roofers that have the latest technology of barrel tile roof that weighs the same amount or lighter than standard tiles!

So call our Emergency Team 24 hours a day seven days a week.

If you have a leak, never attempt to inspect the roof yourself. The roof may be weak and you could sustain fatal injuries. Why not let us give you an estimate to repair the damage today?

Count on Roofing Experts for a professional, reliable service when you need it most in the South Florida Area. No roofing job is too big or to small. So if you're looking for a quality re-roofing project at an affordable price, call Roofing Experts for a free roof evaluation.

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