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Did you know that color plays an important role in physics of energy and temparature of your roof?

Yes it does! By just having a black or even grey roof it can heat up to over 180°F only a 90°f day. At that temperature, not even your bare hand can touch the roof cormfortably. That being said how can a roofs life be expected to reach its full life expectancy? As you have noticed already it has been getting hotter every summer. With today's roofing technology there are many ways to prolong the current life of your roof. Roofing Experts has this expereince to buy you many more years past the expectancy life of your roof!

Cool Roof.

Now what if your roof was white?

Your right a white roof would deflect the harsh UV Rays the powerful sun beams on your roof 365 days a year. In fact, if your roof is suppose to last 15 years that is only 5,475 days. It only takes 1 day for a roof to fail if not correctly installed. Fact, asphalt roofs make up roughly two thirds of the United States residential roofing market. Another thought, all asphalt roofing materials will shrink during the first few days of life, of a newly installed roof. Just goes to show how harsh the sun is on our roofs.

Now if you were to apply a white coating over your roof, this would change the physics of your roof in your favor. With the right white elastomeric coating your roof could stay 100°f on a 90°f day. Which will save you in your daily cooling bill, about 30% savings.

White roofs also reduce the “urban heat island” effect in which temperatures rise in dense urban areas because of the proliferation of heat-radiating, black tar surfaces. For example, the Urban Heat Island effect causes New York City to be about 5 degrees warmer than surrounding suburbs and accounts for 5 to 10 percent of summer electricity use.

In New York City alone, 12% of all surfaces are rooftops. It’s estimated that implementing a white roof program in 11 metropolitan cities could save the United States 7 gigawatts in energy usage. That’s the equivalent of turning off 14 power plants, and a cost savings of $750 million per year.

Recently, former President Bill Clinton wrote in Newsweek, “Every black roof in New York should be white; every roof in Chicago should be white; every roof in Little Rock should be white. Every flat tar-surface roof anywhere! In most of these places you could recover the cost of the paint and the labor in a week.” The former president regularly touts the white roofs as one of those win-win scenarios that could also help create jobs and stimulate the economy.

But, can you just install any white coating on your roof? NO way!

Remember ashalt roofs will shrink, even if a coating is applied over it. So the white coating is an important decision to make. Please dont go out and apply a cheap coating to save a few bucks to do it yourself. Roofing Experts can help you! If you choose to apply it yourself to save money on installation then give us a call. We will help you with the right coating for your roofing needs. Thats right we will help you with purchasing the right coating! Now, if you want it applied by professionals then call us today for a free quote. One more thing to think about. If this is applied by a professional that has had the manufacturing training, you will be covered under their warranty. Our coating systems come with a 10 year warranty (Only if applied by Roofing Experts trained technician).

At Roofing Experts, we are experienced roofing professionals with vast experience here to serve you for all of your roofing needs...

Roofing Experts believes in protecting your investment...

Protect what you value most, your property. For years now, Roofing Experts has provided full service roofing, applying high-end and even life time materials for the residential and commercial market. Roofing Experts is also certified, experienced and skilled with the knowledge of all roofing systems.

We have accomplished thousands of roofs in all different types of roofs systems in residential and commercial. Roofing Experts works with our clients who want thier roofs repaired or installed professionally and want it completed in timely manner and within budget.

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